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What is Daigo?

the Main ingredient "Daigo" — extract of fermentation of lactic acid bacteria. It encourages beneficial bacteria in the gut to reproduce prevents the spread of harmful, thereby cleansing the intestines and blood. In the result, each cell begins to receive sufficient nutrients and oxygen, and the new cells formed from “good stuff".

And for them through the body rejuvenated and energised. "Daigo" on the cellular level can restore your body!

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Daigo (Daigo) is sold in the biggest Japanese macrobiotic store, and revenue of sales of this useful Supplement, now in its third year keeps the first position.

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This drug is indicated for people of any age and in any health condition (see below compatibility other drugs). At observance of these simple directions Daigo will give a good and noticeable results.

Please don't take it is divorced or dissolved in water. We recommend drinking it diluted just because the way he reaches the intestines easier.

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